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If you have additional information (ex: specificity of piloting, various characteristics...) on the hang glider Scandal by Solar Wings, you can supplement his card by adding your comment or write to us :

Hang glider card : Scandal
Name :
Manufacturer :
Solar Wings
Year :
Pilot level :
Manual :
Document(s) :
scandal-elements.pdf | scandal_spec.pdf
Hang glider model :
Wing area (m²) :
Wing span(m) :
Aspect ratio :
Hang glider weight (kg) :
Minimum pilot weight (kg) :
Maximum pilot weight (kg) :
Minimum speed (km/h) :
Maximum speed (km/h) :
Max glide ratio (L/H) :
Max glide ratio speed (km/h) :
Minimum sink rate (m/s) :
Packed length (m) :
Packed length short (m) :
Number of battens :
Nose angle (°) :



Have only flown the large & small Scandal (kingposted) on power,and can comment that it goes exceptionally well.
Spiral stability good, handling firm, but not stiff.
Slow landings even with AUW over 100kg and sink rate with engine off 220 f/minute.
Neutral ground handling, not tail heavy. Would recommend for power to anyone.
Anyone got one for sale!!


A much nicer glider than the Rumour. Handling better and more docile in pitch while thermaling. Lighter, stiffer leading edges & X tubes made big difference to weight too.


The Scandal 13.6 has a very nice glide, good penetration into wind and is a real confidence builder when you come to landing. In my opinion this glider takes off and lands ease than a Clubman 160. I love it.

[Translation of the original French comment]
I have flown 11 years with a 14.4 Scandal. Only pleasure. This wing is 'uniform', easy to fly, to take-off, to land, and it accepts slow flight.
I had to leave it because the tissue on the leading edge started to delaminate. I still am sorry...

Raphael Lytton

This is a very nice glider for a small light pilot. The glider is quite light. The A frame is small and "fits my shoulders". Ground handelling. - Mine has an odd nose down witch - more accurately there are TWO angels that the nose wants to sit at, one fairly nose down. This is disconcerting, but once I realised what was going on, it has not caused any problems. - Otherwise the glider is very nice to take off / Launch. I DO NOT know if this is unique to my glider or not. Landing - no vices good large flare window. Flying, the glider has a good glide - for its age - It is not as good as topless moden gliders. I THINK it is as good - or very nearly as good a glide as moden king posted gliders. This glider has vents in the leading edge which stop it from collapsing at high speed. They seem to work, in that at high speed the Glide Angle does not deteriate as fast as other gliders.
Stright line at speed it is stable. Thermaling and scratching the ridge the glider is nice and responsive, and not too sensitive to turbulance. Handeling (turning etc.) this glider is simmilar to the Magic IV (and Feaver) in ease to handle - but performance is much better.
I think this glider is about as good as you can get for a king post glider. May be the more moden King posted gliders fly or handle better, but my Kingposted Scandal 12.4 would be difficult to better.
In my opinion it is a shame the glider is not made any more. It is also a shame the Top less Scandal was not developed more.

Solar Wings General:
The Solar range of gliders were unique in that they had 100% double surface at the tips. The key to this was a "rubber membrain" which allowed the upper and lower surface to move relative to each other.
This was first used on the ACE? - but was dropped on the Scandal range of gliders, when Solar introduced a presurised leading edge.
This prvents the leading edge from colapsing when flying at high speed.
The Solar Gliders had a reputation for being more stable and less "twitchy" or sensitive that the Airwave gliders.
Since ceasing production of the Scandal (King post and XK) gliders, Solar has concentrated on manufacturing micro-lights which it still does. I believe that the Solar Gliders are still supported - I had mine serviced by Solar / Main air / in Wiltshire in 2001.


A very nice glider with great glide ratio but rather slow to initiate a turn. As already written on the comments, the wing has a tendency to drop the nose when held against the wind on take off, it feels a bit weird. But as soon as you start running the wing behaves normal and the take off is just as easy as with any modern glider. Easy to land as well, light in construction and easy to set up.