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If you have additional information (ex: specificity, various characteristics, problems...) on the harness Cross by Tecma Sport, you can supplement his card by adding your comment or write to us :

Harness card : Cross
Name :
Manufacturer :
Tecma Sport
Harness Type :
Year :
Document(s) :
Hang glider model :
Weight (kg) :
Taille Pilote (m) :
Réglage Assiette :


Cédric Estienne
[Translation of the original French comment]
During approach and landing, it allows to pass to a position suffciently upright for a good landing-push, as well as for throwing out the drag-chute: when being vertical, you'll have to keep the feet in the harness and open the knees to 'bail out' the drag-chute.

It's handling is very easy; pitch angle easily changable during flight (but I strechted the corde somewhat to grab it without having to turn around with my arm below the shoulder); velcro under the chest to add pockets (or even a photo camera bag, which I've covered with velcro); attachments for towing cables; a comfort without any problems; moving up- or downward without any problems, just by pushing on the bottom plate with your feet, and the cable system puts you in the strechted position; pocket for drag-chute, large, closing pocket for flight instruments, hand gloves and small brochures ( ); enormous pocket on the back without compartiments, so ideal for storing he wing-cover; neoprene pocket on the back to put a camel-bag (this is great, otherwise it's horrible to put into place)... well, I've been happy with it for some time!

For me, the principal disadvantages are:
- a closing pocket, close to the drag-chute pocket, has some opening, allowing it to lose small stuff (which has never happened to me)
- the parachute-pocket is a bit small for a large parachute
- it's necessary to place and remove the lower tubes before and after each flight; with a larger bag it would have been possible to keep the tubes in place
- the bag is so simple, that it's not really practical anymore (too large, too weak)
- the cords for opening and closing the slide are external, so sometimes I take my feet within as well...
- details are not well-finished (some tissue that ravels slowly)
- it's not profiled (strechting the legs helps, though..)

[Translation of the original French comment]
Interested in this harness, I looked for information on Tecma and I found out they don't produce wings anymore. Only possibility is to make a big command. Therefore, it's better to buy at the second-hand market.