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Accueil bible » Deltaplane : Xtreme

Si vous avez des informations complémentaires (ex : spécificité du pilotage, particularités diverses, photos...) sur le deltaplane Xtreme fabriqué par Airwave, ajoutez votre commentaire (en bas de page) ou écrivez nous:

Fiche deltaplane : Xtreme
Nom :
Fabricant :
Année :
Niveau de pilotage :
Manuel :
Document(s) :
Modèle :
Surface (m²) :
Envergure(m) :
Allongement :
Poids de l'aile (kg) :
Poids pilote mini (kg) :
Poids pilote maxi (kg) :
Vitesse mini (km/h) :
Vitesse maxi (km/h) :
Finesse maxi (L/H) :
Vitesse à finesse maxi (km/h) :
Taux de chute mini (m/s) :
Longueur pliée (m) :
Longueur mini (m) :
Nombre de lattes :
Angle de nez (°) :



The production of the Xtrem started 1.5 year before Airwave UK shut down. Only about 40 were produced mostly shipped to the US, Brazil, Japan and some in France. Was originally designed by Mark Gibson (Gibbo) (see attached picture with blue under surface) I worked on the modifications for certification. This glider can outperform most of the today' gliders in high speed glide but lacks in sink rate at low speed except in tight turn. It has a tendency to yaw and has a wide flare window. Its newer version is called the Xbow, was certified in the 138 (140 Sq ft) version 4 months before the factury shutdown (35 sold in 3 months... such a nice wing).


I have one of these ,flies great, so easy to land , but still has the airwave feel about it light in roll and pitch, love it.. but i am looking for a batten profile for one and a copy of the hand book.


I now have a batton profile ,on file so if anyone else out there needs one please email me


anyone need a manual I have one now and could pdf it .