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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Laminar Orbiter
Français Xavier VERGES a conçu cette ailes en collaboration avec Icaro 2000, c'est un dérivé de la StyL.
Elle est commercialisée sous 2 appellations :

- Orbiter chez Icaro 2000, une aile de type intermédiaire évoluée.
- StyL+ chez ULteam qui d'après Xavier VERGES serait plus orientée « Performance » que le Orbiter, grâce à des options et solutions techniques qui lui son propre et des réglages différents.
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Vj 11
Français Le vj11 et vj23 sont des appareils qui ont été construit par Volmer Jensen, le vj11 durant la 2eme guerre mondiale et le vj23 dans les années 70.
Le vj11 reprenait la configuration des planeurs Chanute, mais le pilotage était assuré par des gouvernes.
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Vj 23
Français Le vj23 est un PUL construit en tubes alu et métallique pour la structure, et en bois pour l'aile.
Cette dernière est une aile cantiveler, donc pas de haubanage. A l'époque de sa sortie, le vj23 a littéralement explosé le record de vol libre de l'époque (si on pouvait toutefois parler de « vol ») en tenant l'air 45min à partir d'une dune d'une vingtaine de mètre de hauteur sur la côte californienne.
Cet appareil n'a jamais était construit en usine, mais conçu pour la construction amateur, de très nombreux plans ont été vendus.

Pour info, c'est avec une version motorisé (décollage et atterrissage à pied !) de cet appareil que la première traversée de la manche par un ulm à été effectué !!!
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Icarus V
Français C'est un appareil rigide à pilotage par déplacement du centre de gravité en tangage et par action des gouvernes en roulis/lacet (un peu comme un fledge sauf que là le pilote est assis)
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Birdy
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English In 2002 I bought a UP Birdy while still taking flying-lessons. After 1 year I got my pilot-2 licence.
For both learning as well as flying after getting my licence, the Birdy brought me a lot of fun.

As it is a very easy glider to fly, it gives a lot of confidence and gives the pilot the opportunity to get the feeling of how to handle a hanglider.

Still now, 3 years after getting my pilot-licence, it gives me a lot of fun.
Especially when soaring the Dutch dunes, I come back with a big smile when I finish a 3-hour flight.

In mountain-conditions when thermalling, it's fun, but heavy flying.
I have no experience with other gliders, but I find that it takes some effort to put it in a turn when thermalling. But thermalling for almost 2 hours with a single-surface glider of (for about?) 15 years old, also gives me a lot of fun.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sonic
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English I have the 165 Sonic and it is a fantastic glider for the new student who wants a glider that they can grow into.

Very easy to launch even in strong winds, landing is easy as well and is very stable in the air. You can even throw it around a bit as your hours increase and confidence grows. Very well built and will last many years with normal maintance.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sting 2xc
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English Great all around glider, some say flys better than the pulse. XC(one I've flown) has VG, great glider to move up to from a falcon. Holds value very well.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Discus
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English Discus is very easy to take off, fly and land glider. During takeoff it's good idea to ease the bar little out after a few steps. It helps to takeoff in nil winds. Discus can fly with very low speeds. In thermals you can ease the bar out 15cm from your face. You can roll a lot in a thermal but if you don't ease out, sink rate is more than best you can get. I roll 50-60 degrees and it is still lifting if i ease the bar out.
In gliding with full VG i think best glide speed is 40-45kph, my experiments are still going on. Glide performance on 60kph is acceptable ~1:10(It's unable to determine the real glide ratio in tubulent or thermal air, i didn't experienced nil air, the numers are not totally correct).
I tried some speedruns. I attained 80kph in straight diving (i'm lower side of the weight limit, My harnes and me are totally: 70kg), not tested in turn (actually it should be more speedy). When I reach high speeds wing tips are getting wavy because-of wingtip tubulence, i think this effect can fray the sail in long term.
In landing using 1/4 VG is good idea. It helps your flare timing. I was wacking everytime in landing but i found and fixed my mistake. My mistake was holding uprights i bit low (near my shoulders), i holded a little upper and everything got better. I'm landing with no step in nil wind. If you get a little more uprights and little ease out before flare, glider finds its flare point and you can land perfectly by pushing when it wanted :)

Happy flights...

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Kiss / Magic Kiss
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English Yep sweet glider great handling but if you want to stuff the bar for speed the contempory Rumours had no yaw probs (but were stiff in roll)

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Xtreme
Français Envoyer traduction
English The production of the Xtrem started 1.5 year before Airwave UK shut down. Only about 40 were produced mostly shipped to the US, Brazil, Japan and some in France. Was originally designed by Mark Gibson (Gibbo) (see attached picture with blue under surface) I worked on the modifications for certification. This glider can outperform most of the today' gliders in high speed glide but lacks in sink rate at low speed except in tight turn. It has a tendency to yaw and has a wide flare window. Its newer version is called the Xbow, was certified in the 138 (140 Sq ft) version 4 months before the factury shutdown (35 sold in 3 months... such a nice wing).
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