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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Firefly
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English I have the prototype of this model. the sail is rather heavy and all black. If you need any measurements, I can set it up to get them. It flew well though I haven't set it up in many years.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Top Secret
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English My 4th Rigid wing after a Ghostbuster, Aeros Phantom, Atos V and now this. I went for a Top Secret which has had the Tsunami twist, has a carbon T tail and control frame. I love the rigging, the weight and ground handling. All these features best of what I have had so far. Turning is fast for spoilerons (ailerons fastest)and handling benign, including landing. Seems to go well compared with the rest. A great glider that you can live with and innovations, such as the D sections that still outshine the current crop. Pity Gerard did not continue with this glider...

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Independent
Français Envoyer traduction
English Europe Sails Independent has no finished DHV test. The cannot / does not want to effort the cost.

The glider itself is easily within the (2006-2007)range of performance of similar topless gliders. Due to the small manufacturing which is far from beeing serial manufacturing (2-3 gliders/year are made)the company uses parts from other manufacturers. But particularly Carbon Parts are made in House in very professional and high quality way. This glider features unique Carbon wing-tips which are big, extremely stable and - affordable. The manufacturer makes the setup of the glider according to the personal experience and wishes of the pilot.
Performance and Flight characteristics depend on the setup: The sail can be stretched up to drumhead hardness. Such way the glider is extremely good gliding, for sure competitive also in high performance environment. On the other hand, I personally use a rather relaxed set up. I drove the WW Sport before and the change to this glider was very easy. Nevertheless, the performance is still very good: In 2008 Angerer Open I arrived in middle field although: 1) glider at easiest set up 2) VG released all the time 3) first partecipation at the event 4) old harness. There were many "high competition" litespeeds, Combats and Laminars behind me.
I would recommend to buy the glider if somebody does not worry the missing DHV test. It is 100% safe, easy to handle, quality of sail is OK, made with love and offers a good performance.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Target
Français Envoyer traduction
English I trained using this glider and also bought is as my first glider. It has many nice details in the design. It has easy and predictable handling and tows great.

Great first glider.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Concept
Français Envoyer traduction
English Pilot wheight range: 160 - 280 lb (72 - 127 Kg)
Stall speed with max pilot weight: 7m/s (25 km/h)
Max speed with min pilot weight: 28m/s (100 km/h)
Packed length: 5,7 m

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Dream
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English Some specs of the DWD 185 include

Sail area 185 sq ft
Span 34.4 ft
Nose Angle in degrees 120
Weight of glider alone 55 lbs
Pilot proficiency: Beginner / H-1
Pilot weight range: 140-210 lbs
Stall speed at max load: 28 MPH
Max speed at min load: 38 MPH
Number of battens, each side: 8 (grand total 17 includes nose batten)
Has washout struts
Info placard & Test Flight sticker: Keel, just aft of nose plate

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sensor 610 Cf4
Français Voici le premier Sensor CF4 de Seedwing USA. C'est un 152 pi2
Le concepteur l'a complété en octobre 2005 après quelques vols d'essai concluant.
Je suis disposé a répondre a vos questions concernant les modèles de Bob Trampeneau étant en contact occasionnel avec lui

Photo par Marco Levasseur, pilote Francois Dussault à l'été 2007 atterrissage du Grand Morne, région de Thetford Mines , Québec Canada

C'est une aile sans mât avec beaucoup d'allongement et une courte corde ce qui la rend très performante et stable en turbulence. Elle est munie de «flaps» comme tout les modèles de Seedwings USA dévelopés sur le modèle 610 vers le milieu des années 90. Cette technologie unique permet la diminution de la vitesse de décrochage facilitant le décollage, l'exploitation des petits thermiques et surtout l'atterrissage avec la même facilité qu'une aile à mât. Les pilotes de Sensor apprécient la qualité de construction et de couture de Robert Trampeneau, un grand pionnier du deltaplane. Chaque aile est conçue artisanalement avec une précision et un souci du détail.
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Rage
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English This glider was and still is fantastic. Got it brand new out of HG school in 1994 and have put 300 hours on it (albeit a bit ragged out now). Flew it today in 2008 and it's still sweet!!! Can't get it to go fast enough to loop it but has respectable performance and is a dream to handle (thanks to the ball and socket wing tips). recommend one. Well done Enterprise wings.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Raven
Français Envoyer traduction
English Flew a 229 in early 80's...after few lessons on Seagulls, purchased and flew Raven in novice config.. then after comfortable with turns, flew standard config... much more manageable... I weighed 195lb and it handled pretty well, little stiff, but easy to land, would almost parachute...
excellent stall recovery, saved my butt more than once... a big floater for most part, not great penetration, could get as high as any doubles, but hang it up when wind over 20...I never looped it but had a crazy friend that did...after flying for a year or so tightened sail tension too max for better penetration, it helped.... was a good sturdy single surface, and gained reputation for tandem glider....
used flat foam core fiberglass battens with couple aluminum tube tips battens, and one AL tube, neg washout stop, near tips...
finally sold it in mid 80's, wished still had it now....

Deltaplane Deltaplane : K4
Français La série des K est la déclinaison en différentes surfaces de la même aile. Le K5:13,8m2; Le K4: 14,4m2; Le K2:13,47m2 et le K3 est la plus toilé. Cela ne semble pas trés logique en terme de classification mais ces ailes ont été conçues à des dates différentes, ce qui explique peut être en partie les codifications. J'ai volé 3 ans avec un K4, le successeur du KISS (de même surface). Le K4 a gommé les difficultés du KISS: instabilité spirale, roulis hollandais à haute vitesse, grande sensibilité en conditions fortes. Il a perdu cependant un peu de la maniabilité exemplaire du KISS. Le K4 est donc une aile homogène, stable spirale, avec une meilleure finesse, bref une trés bonne aile d'une qualité de fabrication au top à l'époque. La même progression a eu lieu chez d'autres constructeurs qui sont passés d'un modèle instable mais trés maniable à un successeur plus homogène( Du FZ au FZR pour TECHMA par exemple). Envoyer traduction
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