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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Stalker Rigid
Français au montage, il n'est pas nécéssaire d'ouvrir complétement les fermetures à glissière liant les deux ailes si on ne la sépare pas en deux. ces fermetures sont difficiles à engager. Le montage se fait facilementIl si vous commencez par tendre l'aile gauche. Il est indispensable de férifier les commandes. il se peut que le cable se dégage de la roue de commande des ailerons. Dans ce cas, l'aile devient piqueuse dans les virages du côté de l'aile à problème. mais contrôlable. la prise de terrain se fera par de grands virages de l'autre côté et à plus de 80km/h. Au décollage, n'hésitez pas à mettre beaucoup de volet et en themiques aussi, l'aile devient lente et très agréable. Envoyer traduction

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Eagle
Français Envoyer traduction
English They put the weight in kg. you have to multiply by 2.2 to convert to lbs.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Atos
Français Heureux propriétaire de cette machine diabolique, j'ai pu vérifier les commentaires du Vol Libre cité. La mauvaise nouvelle parue sur le site A.I.R. est que le VS, son successeur, est en rupture de fabrication...ce qui veut dire sans doute que, n'ayant pas assez de commande pour cette taille, elle risque de disparaître de leur catalogue. Et l'ancien modèle S ne sera pas éternel...!
...retourner sur un souple??? vraiment pas enthousiaste !!!
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Freedom
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English Nice glider. Effortless thermalling. Light bar pressure.
Bought this glider after 9 years on Falcon 195.
Control Bar position is more forward than I am used to.
Freedom 190 (with cross bar fairing).
Advertised weight 57 pounds.
Actual weight 72 pounds!
(Cross bar fairing maybe 1 pound max).

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Stratos
Français I'm looking for a cheap Stratos. If anyone sell it, please contact me at   Envoyer traduction

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Garuda
Français je viens dans trouvé une dans mon stock de vielle ailes apres deux petite retouche je l ai eseille. pas mal par contre je trouve quelle pése; par rapor aux autres. comme l atlas qui est plus vielle enfin je crois. Envoyer traduction

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Atos Vr10
Français Données techniques

Envergure: 13,8 m
Surface alaire: 14,3 m 2
Allongement: 13,4
Min. le taux de chute: 0,63 m / s
Glider poids: 41 kg
Min. masse au décollage: 90 kg
Max. masse au décollage: 183 kg
Dimensions de transport: 5,15 x0, 48x0, 2 m
Gréement / derigging: env. 18 Minuten
Certification: 3E DHV
Spars peuvent être transportés séparément
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Asg 23
Français Envoyer traduction
English Randy has the story correct except the year was 1980 I believe. Tom brought the ASG 23 up to Canada with its preliminary build done -it needed some shape refinements as well as new spars. Randy has a quancet shop and most of the financing in the 3 way partnership to develop the worlds most advanced and unbeatable hang gliding machine.
Randy and I set in a concrete floor in his shop in late June thanks to the support of Randies incredible folks (Bless and thanks John & Denise) who were happy to pay for the concrete for their building.
This flying life of Randy's with the grand central of activity was fun and exciting especially for Randy's mom. Cowboy coffee and three meals a day for us -no conditions and don't dare try and pay for it.
Tom arrived several weeks late and about one week before Grouse for which reason we did not have time to be ready for Grouse and best to keep it under wraps until the nationals. The ASG 23 version 1 was small and very efficient at speed. We built a whole new sale for the rocket on the old spars with the dubious extra 1/2" holes in them that Tom assured us were in the nuetral axis. I was lucky enough to fly the new prototype in the 1980 Canadian Nationals Gaspe, Quebec. The wind blew 25 mph + for 8 days and I had a comfortable lead -though not enough to take the last day off. The wind virtually stopped on the last day and it turned into a sink rate contest. I went from 1st to 7th. Oh well, two years in a row may have been too much for my head anyways.
Randy was graciously but openly envious that I flew it for the competition and in hind-site Randy would have been the better pilot for this event and likely would have pulled off a win that year. I was great at pylons and tight closed courses, getting that last pylon with the wing a foot of the ground and bulls eye landings. Randy could core out a thermal in most places better than me and certainly anything cross country and high strategy he was better at. I will say I am pretty sure this is me flying due the arch of the body -that is what I used to do -as if it would make me fly better!
After the nationals we built two new ASG23's with two new sets of spars and nose units starting in the second week of September. Only 4 weeks later we had two new gliders very much redesigned. Tom for design and sailmaking, me for building, sailmaking and flying and Randy for flying and promoting and sales). Would have been a good team if Roy Haggard wasn't so damm smart with his comet.
Tom stayed home in Lumby while Randy and I and a four others piled into my dad's motor home and drove non stop from Lumby to Montreal plus another 5 hours around the north road and down the Gaspe Penninsula. Amazing trip and non of us had been this far east. My dad really enjoyed the pictures -especially the one in the motorhome with the centerfold pinned on the wall. Everyone will have remembered this trip to the land of Micheal Trembley and crew.
Our new ASG's had More span and about the aspect ratio and a better(?) wing tip. While we were at the nationals Tom stayed home and worked on the ASG 23 v2 -some specs based on our feedback from the nationals. The comet appeared at Grouse mountain the same time we were ready to go -so wouldn't you know it, but we thought we could out do it -but were always leary of the sale price difference which proved to be true. It just seemed we could not make enough difference and so it went -though it was a year of working most days and evenings and a lot of learning and traveling -thankyou Tom and Randy and your incredible folks that I know Tom won't forget either.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Twister
Français I fly Bautek gliders since 1984 (Saphir16, Zephir,Milan...) I bought a second hand Twister 3 years ago.
Out of all topless gliders, This is one with the best /easiest handling.
At takeoff, there is no slack in the side wires, a big advantage on a windy day without assistance.
Control is effortless, without any delay and well coordinated, just perfect for surviving "dead-time" between thermals on our 100m hills ( turns on a dime )..
Never felt so relaxed when flying in boiling air.
(Those bumpy siberian (NE) air days in spring, when the air acts like a huge fly swatter, sometimes from above).

I guess this is caused by the "SPS" : When the flying wires are unloaded, the outer sprogs move upwards...

OK, there is a disadvantage: the SPS limits top speed as well, cont. 90km/h is Maximum.
And, other TL giders glide better at high speeds.
But: a comment of my friend Andreas( on Exxtacy ) after a
40km flatland XC "side-by-side" : "I am surprised..."

Last but not least: Bautek Service is just like it should be.

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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Spice
Français Un plaisir extrême à voler sous cette aile. Une glisse parfaite, un esthétisme sobre et une voile galbée ajustée à la perfection. Bravo BAUTEK! Envoyer traduction
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