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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Magic 3
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English I think this glider was the best thing I have ever flown, It was a dream to fly, take off and land. It would come in and mushed into any dot you put in the landing field. I have nothing bad to say about this machine at all, handle great. I only had about ten hours on mine then sold her to get remaried what a mug, getting rid of the glider I mean not getting married. Ended up latter buying the Magic four.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sigma
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English Sorry to see there are not any coments about this fantastic glider, myself and a mate, (Keith the wife as was his knick mane back in the old days) flew ours for five years and more we found it had no vices, it was fast and could be flown all over the place in the air. Mind you it was not one of your pansy gliders and you had to fly her all the time, and if you did not get the push out right in turns, then don't bother with the light ridge lift day like we did. I would say the only thing I did note was, nose would drop on landing. I was lucky i some how had the knack and never dropped mine. Great glider, got a bit of a bad reputation which came mostly from people that never flew one. Shame there were not more made and flown. I moved over to mine from a Highway Cloudbase, so shows this was not that hard a glider to handle. I took to mine straight away within two miniuts of being in the air on her at Woolacombe. I was wind dumby that day in light wind and that was my first flight on her, I top landed while the other four that followed me off the hill in new double surface gliders went down to the beach.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sting Ray
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English Hey Guys,

This is Joe Nelson former Hang 4 from back in the day. Dean built my last kite after I left True Flight. It was A Super 110. The last big contest I got into with it was at Lookout Mountain. It came down between a Moyes and my Dinger Wing. Well I came out on top. Dean was one of the best. BTW I talked to him back a few years ago and he was messing with sailplanes.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Joy
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English hallo, kann mir jemand sagen wie lang ist die vertikale rahmen in cm? Hängegleiter'' Joy'' 15,8 Orion-Delta

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Unknown / Inconnu
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English Ah the memories, I believe that was a cover shot from one of the isues of low and slow magazine

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Unknown / Inconnu
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English Hello to S.W. from Dan and Cheryl. Hope to see you in Maui one day soon. What ever happened to Mark Tolar?

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Fledgling 3
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English Hi anyone willing to sell an original Fledge 3 ET ?

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Msx
Français Bonne aile perfo et facile (déco, attero), en tout cas plus facile que le maxi. J'ai failli en acheter une d'occase, et finalement j'ai acheté un fuji.. Envoyer traduction

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Garouda
Français En effet le Garouda n'a jamais existé, certains libéristes prononçaient le "U" en "OU" d'où la confusion entre Garuda et Garouda.
Très bonne aile aux performances modestes mais respectables, aile faite avant tout pour un agrément et plaisir du vol maximum!
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Javelin
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English This guy was a new novice when he bought a pretty nice Javelin 167 hang glider. And when I say nice, this thing was a real beauty. As we all know, before the season is out you are lookin for something with more performance for them boomin ass desert days when 20-40 milers are a no brainer if you have a great glider and can also be done by a pilot with some patience and intelligence, with a much less performance bird. For this guy he wanted the longer glide and so he traded me that Javelin for a Comet 2 Owens Valley Racer.. So my son still has it, it was a glider that we used in the progression to high performance with students in our hang gliding school. It is a pretty glider, Orange with a spectrum on the main body of the wing. I would say it has about 25-30% double surface area at most, it has a pivot type floating crossbar with the exposed crossbar. So it is kinda comparable to the old WW Harrier models. It is pretty easy on the handling side and the speed trim is real nice hands off. This glider was really nice to fly on a 15-20 MPH day at the North Side of the Point when I decided to leave the Axis and the HP2's on the truck to test fly this glider. The bench up was sweet, and though I did not push it to Lone peak that day, I was over 10,000 ASL over Potato hill. Coring in thermals was easy, and it climbed with my fat butt on it up to 1200 fpm in thermals that day. The hardware is pretty sweet making for easy assembly. For an easy to fly intermediate glider for beginning soaring or just low stress flying I would rate this glider as a real cool 7. I would think that for tandem ridin the 200+ square ft model would be pretty nice if you could find one in excellent condition. But then why listen to me, go try one for the sheer "FUN" of it, because as we all know, if you are not flying because it is fun then you are flying for the wrong reasons when it comes to hang gliding, in my own humble opinion.

hahahahah, ya wanna get real scared????? I mean really sphincter tightening scared as hell scared.. Oh ok that is not the exact quote from Dan Akroyd on twilight zone, but you get the idea. Come on out to Utah for some sphincter tighting thermal blasters that will have you raving like a luna-tick for a long damn time.

Peace out jungle bunnies.
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