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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Magic 4
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English I got a Magic 3 and a Magic 4 Full Race, both as 166 square footer. Incredible gliders for that time, of course in comparison to todays topless gliders incredibly slow also, but easy handling, extremely good climbing and lots of fun!

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Kiss / Magic Kiss
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English I have an almost unused Magic Six at home.
If anybody likes to have them - you can get it for an egg.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Ace
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English I thoroughly enjoyed flying a loaned Ace 160 on several occasions & I reckon it facilitated faster climbing & easier handling than my similarly generous Solarwings Rumour 14.5m.
As I observed on more than one occasion, potentially there is a drawback to flying any glider that facilitates exceptionally easy handling enabling the pilot to really slow it down in order to take maximum advantage of the available potential climb rate & that drawback is that when you eventually inadvertently stall a wing typically as you move into a volume of the airmass where there has developed an overwise insignificant airflow sheer condition, if the glider does stall often the consequential spacial reorientation will be more severe requiring extra time & altitude in which to recover than a pilot who has become familiar with flying a succession of less obliging gliders would otherwise anticipate.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Spectrum
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English Amazing old kite. I have a 1991 and a 1992. From someone who flew this thing right out of flight school I can tell you that it is very agile and predictable. I have felt extremely safe in ridge lift. I have heard the flare window is small, but this has not been my experience. She flies a bit faster than single surface, but the truncated wing tips don't stretch the sail tight enough for super performance. The kite flies slower with bar pulled in than a sport and the sail is loud AF. Which I love because it scares the PG's. Highest flight speeds are 73km/h No VG on this thing and that's awesome for pilots who need to get used to fly speeds that don't change. All in all, the kite is well designed and really didn't need to be changed much. Everyone loves this kite.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Boomerang Fzr
Français Je ne vais pas laisser cet unique commentaire (éfavorable) sur cet appareil.
(Mémoire de 1990 à 1995 !).
Habitant la plaine (Bourges), après 5 ans de pilotage saisonnier dans les Alpes avec La Mouette profil 15 (original ; pif-paf ; d’occasion), achat en avril 1990 d’un FZR 147 (1ere évolution du Boomerang et proto des suivants) pour projet Monitorat fédéral.
En juin 1990 à Laragne, après stage avec Alain Chauvet, 1ere compétition (26 compétiteurs ; 2 manches ; 2e à la première ; 5 e à la deuxième). Cette aile m’a permis de marquer tous les points nécessaires pour le dossier monitorat avec une seule compet.
Aile facile à piloter si on la laisse voler… comme l’aile précédente. Très sensible au surpilotage sur les prises de vitesse (manquait une dérive…)... Et sans doute surtoilé (75 kg pour 14,7 m²).
Lors de cross avec les copains, j’ai pu l’échanger et la comparer avec un Boomerang F1 (13,5). Peu de différences sensibles excepté la stabilité en prise de vitesse.
Elle m’a permis de faire de super cross (à mon petit niveau) dans les alpes du sud.
Je l’ai utilisé au treuil sans problème. Mais en remorqué, il faut que le remorqueur soit lent.
Après 2004, développement de ma pratique ULM.
MAis j'ai aussi utilisé le FZR avec un chariot Clipo et harnais mosquito (bien adapté, pas besoin de renforcer vu mon poids).
Elle devrait bientôt reprendre l'air… libre et motorisée.
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Falcon 5
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English Hi, please note that the photo of the white glider with blue and red and orange stripes, is not a British Wasp Falcon V, but some other make.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Shark
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English I agree on the shark comments and know Graeme and Warren well.... I remember when Graeme won the hang gliding world championship on one in the controlled surface was a pretty amazing kite and like most of Graeme’s designs vey cutting edge.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Asg 21
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English I owned and flew an ASG 21.... it was a real hot rod for its time but had a very aggressive stall.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Super Lancer
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English I was one of the test pilots of the lancer 4 and also owned and flew the lancer 4 and 4l for tandem and advertising purposes....such a great machine and so easy and safe to fly. It is a real testimony that even after 40 years this type of design is still great to fly in kites like the Moyes falcon.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sun
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English This is backwards. Sun is the manufacturer, and Swift is the model.. I remember seeing one around 1978.. Outer 3 fiberglass tip battens were bolted to the leading edge, providing washout for stability. I think the Swift was the last model produced before they went out of business. Sun Sails was located in Colorado, USA, IIRC.
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