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>>> Deltaplane SEAGULL 3

Accueil bible » Deltaplane : Seagull 3

Si vous avez des informations complémentaires (ex : spécificité du pilotage, particularités diverses, photos...) sur le deltaplane Seagull 3 fabriqué par Seagull Aircraft, ajoutez votre commentaire (en bas de page) ou écrivez nous:

Fiche deltaplane : Seagull 3
Nom :
Fabricant :
Seagull Aircraft
Année :
Niveau de pilotage :
Manuel :
Document(s) :
Modèle :
Surface (m²) :
Envergure(m) :
Allongement :
Poids de l'aile (kg) :
Poids pilote mini (kg) :
Poids pilote maxi (kg) :
Vitesse mini (km/h) :
Vitesse maxi (km/h) :
Finesse maxi (L/H) :
Vitesse à finesse maxi (km/h) :
Taux de chute mini (m/s) :
Longueur pliée (m) :
Longueur mini (m) :
Nombre de lattes :
Angle de nez (°) :


Paul Vander

Cylindro-conique performante. Présente aux CdM Grenoble 1979

B. West
[Traduction du commentaire original en Anglais]
240 sq. ft simple surface construit au milieu des année 70 "outdated sells for $50-$150 US" bon pour la formation de base au sol, ou les jeux de plage.

John Reisig-Owner of Suspended Animation
[Traduction du commentaire original en Anglais]
"Suspended Animation" était mon activité de ventes au détail et j'étais un revendeur de Seagull Aircraft avant de fabriquer mes propres deltaplane. En fait, j'ai produit un deltaplane semblable au Seagull III appelé Tempest. Votre photo ci-dessus est un Seahawk [Erreur Corrigée]. La quille cambrée n'était pas sur le Seagull III mais sur le Seahawk et le Seagull V (stabilisateur vertical). La Seagull III et Seahawk avaient des angles de nez de 90 degrés. "Suspended Animation" a également produit le Zodiac qui était semblable au Seahawk. John Reisig


After looking at the enlarged photo I noticed many differences between my seagull III and the picture. Mine had no vertical stabilizer or battens. It also came with a plastic swing seat with a little seat belt, so I sat up straight. I also have a reference set of plans of the Seagull I and II which look like 90 degree wings with no curved leading edge. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Mark


First of all congratulations for your web site. For all of us who has been flying for around 30 years it's good to review some old "machines".
Just for your information when I clicked on Seagull picture to enlarge it I saw a Seagull 10 meters. I think you can both updated this picture and use Seagull 10 to open a new window.

Yon (webmaster)

J'ai peur d'avoir mélangé les commentaires et les photos des ailes Seagull. J'ai essayé de remettre les choses dans l'ordre, mais maintenant les commentaires sont parfois bizarres.


I first flew a plyable moose standard then a seagull3 bought a seahawk 78(no keel pocket) currently own seagull7 200sq.ft from ECO-FLIGHT (john volk) ANN ARBOR Mi will add pictures soon.


I have a buddy that has a seragull 3 new in the box, Is it even safe to fly, being as old as it is? and how old is it !!@! He alsaw has a delta wing glider, new in the box.. They are cheap to get ahold of, but are they worth any thuing.. Thanks  


Here it is 2010 and I just set up my old Seagull 3 in the driveway. I flew this glider in 1974-75 in the San Diego area: Torrey Pines, Sorrento Valley, and Black Mountain mostly. I also spent a lot of time at Little Mountain in San Bernadino. A hang gliding friend took me for a ride in a sailplane at Torrey Pines in early '75 and my hang gliding days were numbered. With the exception of the times I used it for shade at a sailplane competition, this glider has been hanging on the ceiling of my folks garage since then. It's in amazingly good shape.

I found the Seagull 3 to be easy to launch with it's huge wing area and very stable. I can remember making turns where I would hold one side of the control bar at arms length in the opposite hand. I have a film of myself stalling at about 10 feet and dropping in, uh not during one of these turns. We didn't have much training back then. I never learned to soar it. That came in a 2-33 and progressing on to an ASW-20. It was a good second generation glider. I occasionally have an itch to try one of the new ones.



I posted on here about the seagull 3 a budy had, and some one responded, and even called him, about purchasing it. W ell he lost the number and offerd me half if I could sell IT.
He slso has a mantawing delta w/the wheeled tri-seat 4 sale
Email address is still the same, 


More on Riggs:


My father Hugo Sandroni Sr. was one of the first to work at seagull aircraft,he started working thear in 1972,it was just him Mike Riggs and Bob Kealer y think was his last name.I have some fotos of that time,if someone would like to contact me via whatsapp my number is 2284466205..I now live in Argentina


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je possédais une aile seagull 11 meter. Il ne me reste que la voile, quelqu'un s'est occupé à scier les tubes pour un autre usage, bref...Donc, je cherche à savoir s'il est possible de retrouver tous les tubes de ce deltaplane. (ce n'est pas pour voler, c'est juste par nostalgie) Merci de me répondre...