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>>> Deltaplane PHOENIX 6D

Accueil bible » Deltaplane : Phoenix 6d

Si vous avez des informations complémentaires (ex : spécificité du pilotage, particularités diverses, photos...) sur le deltaplane Phoenix 6d fabriqué par Delta Wing Kites and Gliders, ajoutez votre commentaire (en bas de page) ou écrivez nous:

Fiche deltaplane : Phoenix 6d
Nom :
Fabricant :
Delta Wing Kites and Gliders
Année :
Niveau de pilotage :
Manuel :
Document(s) :
Modèle :
Surface (m²) :
Envergure(m) :
Allongement :
Poids de l'aile (kg) :
Poids pilote mini (kg) :
Poids pilote maxi (kg) :
Vitesse mini (km/h) :
Vitesse maxi (km/h) :
Finesse maxi (L/H) :
Vitesse à finesse maxi (km/h) :
Taux de chute mini (m/s) :
Longueur pliée (m) :
Longueur mini (m) :
Nombre de lattes :
Angle de nez (°) :



I have a copy of the typed 4 page "Phoenix VI-D Owner's Manual" and fact sheet. I also have assorted sales material for Bill Bennett's Delta Wing Kites and Gliders including a neat custom sail design kit that includes a rainbow of colored sticky stripes to "Design your own Super Flying Machine!". I also have a fact sheet for the Lazor II.
I believe I bought the glider in 1980 from Chandelle in San Francisco and flew it mostly in New England. I had some great soaring flights along the Cape Cod cliffs with it in the early '80s. It was a unique looking glider, blue with yellow and red tips!


We placed our first order for some 6d's back in the 80's. We are a group of Ecuadorians who used these gliders from training all the way to national competitions. Simply, they were magnificent, reliable and easy to maneuver! we have flown over 12000 feet asl in all kinds of weather, and the gliders were so reliable and kept us soaring and competing with all brands. Needles to say some of my friends hold the some of the national records and also back then one of my friends won the 1st place and I took the 2nd place in one of the national competitions in Quito. Again, part of our success was the fact we knew the gliders by heart, and they performed the way we expected. I got to meet Bill Bennet and toured his factory in Van Nuys as well. Personally congratulated him about the fine product and how pleased we all were. We all miss those good times and keep bunch of pictures as a wonderful reminder of a glider that was our allie and never failed us.

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J'en ai une ! Complete et en bon état. Quelqu'un est-il intéressé ?


9/20/10 - I have one that I haven't used in some 15 years in my garage that I am interested in selling. Hopefully it is in as good condition as when I put it there (up high and covered). Not sure what I should it for. If interested, let me know.


My e-mail address is  . I'm located in New Jersey (USA).


I have a bill bennett. 6/18/80 phoenix 6D Delta wing glider made in van h ca. Wish i had took better care of it .if i had only known it was iconic but i believe its mostly there would like to sell to some one that would enjoy it fiveeightzero fuveseventwo zerozerooneone