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Si vous avez des informations complémentaires (ex : spécificité du pilotage, particularités diverses, photos...) sur le deltaplane Gt fabriqué par Moyes, ajoutez votre commentaire (en bas de page) ou écrivez nous:

Fiche deltaplane : Gt
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Nombre de lattes :
Angle de nez (°) :



I believe that the GT (Glass Tip) was the production version of the glider that Steve Moyes won the '83 World Championships with in Tegelberg, Germany. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. I think that they were produced in two sizes, 170 ft2, and 190 ft2 from about 1984 to 1986 when the GTR became Moyes' production competition glider. There was also a slightly higher performance version, the GTS that had a factory VG and I think Mylar woven into the sailcloth. I logged about 100 hours on my two GT 170's flying mainly at the Paeroa Range and the Kaimai Range in New Zealand. The majority of the flights were a mixture of thermalling and ridge soaring. The GT launched easily and I would often self-launch in sometimes quite stong conditions without any incidents. The bar pressures were quite high in both roll and pitch and the high speed glide was not good. However it was a great gilder once locked into thermals and you could "make circles and push out" and rapidly find yourself at cloudbase. My longest XC flight of about 55 km was done on my first GT in the summer of '87. Not long I know, but with only 60 hours in my logbook it was a real buzz! It was done with only two thermals. One to 3000' above the Paeroas and then a downwind glide over the back hooking the next thermal at 500' up to a cloudstreet topping out at 7000' AGL and following the street for another 20 km followed by the final glide. All done in great confidence knowing that the GT was a very stable strong glider. In fact, like most Moyes gliders quite bombproof, though rather heavy. Landings were fairly easy, the GT having a quite large flare window, though you did have to set up your approach well back as the roll response wasn't quick.The GT was very forgiving in its stall behaviour. I tried on several occasions to whip stall the GT into a high speed dive but it would typically climb to a high angle of attack then enter a gentle mush wallowing slightly from one tip to the other but would never enter a spin. Possibly this was due to the glass tips loading and unloading as they got close to stalling?
My first GT was a stock standard dacron sail version that I think handled better than my second GT. My second GT had Mylar leading edges and a VG designed and installed by its previous owner, Dave Morrow. The VG really helped the glide ratio. When pulled on full, the GT sped up about 5 mph and maintained a quite flat glide up to about 40 mph. However, the roll response was extremely poor with the VG on.
All up it was a great introduction to the world of the double surface glider and I have many fond memories of my time dangling beneath the wings of a GT!