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>>> Harnais SMOKING RACE 2

Accueil bible » Harnais : Smoking Race 2

Si vous avez des informations complémentaires (ex : particularités diverses, qualités ou problèmes connus, photos...) sur le harnais Smoking Race 2 fabriqué par Woody valley, ajoutez votre commentaire (en bas de page) ou écrivez nous:

Fiche Harnais : Smoking Race 2
Nom :
Fabricant :
Woody valley
Type Harnais :
Année :
Document(s) :
Modèle :
Poids (kg) :
Taille Pilote (m) :
Réglage Assiette :



this is an extremely comfortable harness to fly in. the standard of finish is good, the angle of dangle is adjusted by flicking legs up and pulling down on basebar to adjust position on the chord and pulley system fitted (friction holds you in position
the only downside I have experienced is coming out of prone for landing I find I have to hang off of uprights to get upright enough to flare and therefore loose the feel of when to flare resulting in untidy landings


I fully agree with william's comment, including the last one on getting vertical for landing. Some ways I have found to improve this :
- get upright soon on final, to be able to pull on the downtubes (getting upright) and then release the pull hoping to stay vertical enough for a regular landing
- use the upper holes in the back-plate to be more vertical
- tighten the rope on the back-plate to make the friction system look more like a slider-on-bar (caution : this change the suspension height & to be used at your own risks !)


En résumant et en restant poli, ce harnais est parfait pour le vol semi-couché, mais donc pour aucune des attitudes vraiment utiles, couché et surtout relevé pour poser.