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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sierra
Français The Sierra has had problems to pass the german "Gütesiegel" certification in terms of sufficient pitchup.(legal) topspeed was set to 70km/h.

To me, it seemed the production Sierras had longer lufflines and lowered sticks than what had been certified...

I once tested a Sierra of my friend,who claimed it to go faster than 100 km/h. I stopped the test at 110...
In the complete speed range, there was basically no bar-pressure ...

Many tumblings have been reported - no wonder.
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Amour
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English Few comments about Amour 12.5m2:
- very vell handling on launch
- perfect on landing - wing flaring well without any negative comments
- generally very light wing (about 25 (!) kg - all construction is definitale aimed to satisfy small pilots
- one negative moments was faced during the my first few hours of flight - glider a bit stiff in turn (especially if turn with bank angle more than 45 degrees). When glider was tested in circle turn - was marked that circle radius is decreasing and get glider out of spiral/circle is significally stiff.
- glider has a very good perfomance as a glider for intermidiate pilots

Deltaplane Deltaplane : France
Français J'ai volé pendant 2 saisons sur ATLAS RITHNER, (copie de l'ATLAS LA MOUETTE) vite débaptisé en ATLANTA à la suite d'un procès retentissant (et justifié) intenté à Etienne RITHNER conjointement par Marcel LACHAT (l'importateur suisse de LA MOUETTE) et la sté LA MOUETTE elle-même.
ATLANTA = aile très agréable, excellente finition, solidité à toute épreuve (tubes Menzinken de 1,5 d'épaisseur). A ce sujet une collision avec un modèle réduit (planeur) m'a valu la rupture instantanée du câble latéral inférieur gauche sans que l'aile ne casse(!), si bien que j'ai pu atterrir au sommet en catastrophe en abimant juste un montant de trapèze (!)
Le FRANCE : je ne sais plus exactement de quelle aile le FRANCE était "inspiré". Je ne pense pas qu'il s'agisse du MAGIC car la "copie RITHNER" du MAGIC était le MASTER excellente aile également. J'en possède du reste encore 2 exemplaires en parfait état.
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Deltaplane Deltaplane : Rush
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English i have progressed thro hangliders over the years.i have found this glider to be very light in pitch/roll and to be very honest undemanding in any flight situation. no problems in t/o or landing.very docile and responsive. good with power. near top end of weight range so that may help??

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sierra
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English One of the first copies of Bob Trampenau``s Sensor concept,curved flexible wingtips, using fibreglass tubing.
Well,not tapered tubes from webbing/epoxi,

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sensor 210e
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English This has been my glider no. 4. My Friend Alfons Härtl,who lived in the States for some months in 1979, managed to send me 2 sails and a construction plan. Ooops,all in inches and AN standards. Well, after 3 other gliders built from plans ( Valkyrie ,and 2 Rhoenadler ) it wasn´t too complicated.
The 210E was available in 2 sizes. We had selected the 183, means 17m² at 10,5m Span.

The Sensor at that time was "the ultimate flying machine".
Bob Trampenau has been the inventor of curved flexible wingtips. Despite the fixed crossbars (floating crossbars )and big span it was easy to roll, in the begin we tended to overcontrol..)
It took about 5 years until other manufacturers such as Moyes copied this concept.

The Sensor is still alive, thanks Howe&Bainbridge.

I flew it recently. Well, compared with actual beginner gliders L/D is similar, but it handles like an oceanvessel.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Talon 2 (T2)
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English Good landings on this one. I weight 85 kg and the 154 felt a little hard, in strong conditions it was a very phisical demanding wing to fly, otherwise very nice glider in light conditions.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Dream
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English I am half owner of a 1985 model 205 rainbow striped Delta Dream. I flew it once off Kagel Towers Launch in the Fall of 1984. It handled beautifully altho I nearly overshot the landing strip. There to great me at my landing was non other than Mr. Palu McCreedy!

Deltaplane Deltaplane : Sportster
Français Envoyer traduction
English Just bought one of these gliders. Could do with the manual if any one has one. Thanks.

Deltaplane Deltaplane : France
Français faux!
le "France" n'est pas la copie de l'atlas de la mouette.
On voit bien sur la photo qu'il s'agit d'une DSTI, double surface transversale flottante; et non d'une simple surface comme l'atlas.
D'après mes souvenirs, le France était la copie du "Magic".
L'Atlanta quand à lui était la copie de L'Atlas en moins cher, SSTE, (simple surface transversale externe)
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