Update:  Jim Hobson died on April 26, 2013, complications from a needed surgery.
Full coverage is continuing at US Hawks:  Jim Hobson

Jim Hobson, James Hobson

 Through works of Jim Hobson, the world was shown a Rogallo Hang Glider using the wing and triangle control frame, an A-frame. Although he was not the first, the hang glider did appear on an important show in 1962 He also used the Los Angeles dunes at Dockweiler Beach for some testing.

Dec. 28, 2012 report:  " I saw him about a year ago, I believe, and he was looking pretty good."      JoeG     

That is good news!

Anything about Jim Hobson, the Lawrence Welk Show director who involved in hang gliding. James Hobson is invited (some misspelling: Hobsen; I believe in some of my office notes with him, I may have misspelled his last name. Be open to research both spellings).

 Desiring to post even more hang gliding history …
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Well, I am still experimenting with aircraft AND the archives seem a gem, … so join. And I will try to find the 1962 Sept. note about Jim Hobson.

[ ] Confirmation of death notice and perhaps an obituary? Thanks.  NEWS CAME IN THAT HE WAS ALIVE IN 2011 CIRCA.   Hope so!   

[ ] Think 1961 and 1962 for key steps. Then he communicated with Low & Slow in 1970. 
[ ] Any notes on his hang gliding pursuits, building, trials, showings, etc. Thanks. 
[x] I attach hereon for permanent OZ filing the front and back of a working-office sheet where I might have misspelled his last name. Exploring each item on the list could become part of this thread to get into the mindset of Jim Hobson. His loaned items were only temporarily then held by me. His scrapbook might exist yet in his surviving family holds; I do not remember much about the entries of the scrapbook; I only know that I was impressed that he built and flew at Dockweiler, perhaps a first … years before Richard Miller's Dockweiler flights. He was not connected with Palmer, but was occurring in HG about the same time … as pretty-much a lone intrepid explorer of the air and NASA-Rogallo-Ryan influenced. The attached sheet (front and back) only give clues. Maybe someone will contact him and find the brown scrapbook for the world of hang gliding. Exclamation   It is hoped that a full interview might be had with Jim, perhaps videotaped.

[ ] Photos?
[ ] Where is he?   He was seen by JoeG in 2011circa.

Found it in Sept. 1962 issue Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation So, we seek the earlier build dates, the show dates,
video of the musical, audience estimate of the musical, and the at-Dockweiler flight dates, etc.
Such may be deep challenge. All-comers are welcome to report. :


"It took only 11 days to produce this Rogallo Wing Hang-Glider, and for a cost of but $50.  It was built by James Hobson of Tarzana, Calif., who is producer-director for the Lawrence Welk television program.  The glider was used in a musical sequence in a recent Welk show.  It carries one person, is 13 ft. 2 in. long and has a span of 20 ft."

Notice HOW EASY IT WAS FOR the editor
to write "Rogallo ... Hang Glider" … in Sept, 1962.  

Some lead on the famous TV Show series (Anyone? We seek images from the musical part that showed the Rogallo Hang Glider of James Hobson in 1962)  And we seek contact with Jim. Hopefully the brown scrapbook is still available.   It would be great to talk again with him.


Update:  Jim Hobson died on April 26, 2013, complications from a needed surgery.   Thank you, Jim, for your generous life!

Full coverage is continuing at US Hawks:  Jim Hobson