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Derniers commentaires
Deltaplane  Meter 80  
This photo is a 1980 10 Meter, which was available in three models, the 9, 10, and 11 Meter. It looked more like a Seahawk than earlier models, with a longer keel, and taller keel pocket.
Deltaplane  Rumour 3  
bjr a tous nostalgie je possede et vol tjrs avec le rumour3 bien sur la perfo est depassée mais quel bonheur de voler avec cette aile je l avais achetée neuve a stephane scorpio solide, rapide ,costau... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Medium  
My favorite hangglider of all time with the Seedwing Sensor. I had the chance to fly lots of different HG, the Tecma Medium has been the most fun and safest HG of em all. It’s handling at super low sp... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Sun  
I had a swift in 1977/8. It was brought to UK by an American friend and I bought it when he retuned to US. The battens were bolted to the leading edge and the outer one was doubled up, which I was tol... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Lancer 4  
Very sorry to hear about John, that's news to me. He was a fine pilot and he and his partner and friend Dean Kupchanko were a couple wild and crazy property developers in the late '70s when we did the... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Super Swallow Tail  
I learned to fly on a WW Super Swallowtail provided by Big Bird's Wings of Seattle, WA. What a great little glider, although a bit weird to set up by today's standards, because of the leading edge cab... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Xtralite  
Just got one for free with 20 hours on it 👍nice glider
Deltaplane  Cyclone  
Wing Root= 7ft 6ins
Wing Span= 36ft 0ns
Wing Area= 180 Sq ft
Deltaplane  First  
Super aile excellente dans tous les domaines un regal en thermique ,seul petit defaut la vitesse
en occasion vraiment l aile à ne pas rater.
Deltaplane  Stinger  
i saw it at ulladulla nsw australia in the 1970's one of the first ones by moyes i bought a swallow tail next came the maxi .... i am trying to revive the original standard moyes made back then but wi... lire la suite