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Derniers commentaires
Deltaplane  Klassic  
I would like to have the manual as well.
Wiml appreciate if you send it.
Me gustaría te er el manual también.
Apreciaría si me lo envían.
Deltaplane  Foil  
Les photos n°3,5,6,7 sont celles d'un Foil Combat
Deltaplane  Squale  
On peut dire que cette aile de 1979 nommée Squale pour son allure de SHARK NOSE portait bien son nom.
Deltaplane  Ixbo  
Ce n'est que mon avis mais le voici.
Le IXBO est une excellente aile, bien construite. Elle est très sûre et vole très bien, légèrement moins (très légèrement moins) performante qu'un ExxTACY, dont e... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Tee  
Aile très équilibré sur tout les axes, et très agréables à voler.Elle possède un régime de vol très lent qui lui permet de très bien monter en thermique. J'ai été très surpris en bien pa... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Superfex  
the first version of this glider had lot of problems .In the fist weeks there were more then 10 persons killed ...emergency parachute was not common at that time
so Finsterwalder had to... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Speedfex  
Had a Perfex since Years and I 'am only flying with Finsterwalder gliders. When I was broken a noose plate theclient service/posting was correct. I had twoMinifex M2 and that was also gr... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Speedfex  
I cannot share the first comment: Got a Perfex since many years being VERY happy with it. Super light and very turnable, also the customer service is OK. Some body who wants a short-pack... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Shark  
Designed by Warren Bird with help from Bob Martin. I had the first production Shark and they were gradually de-tuned from then on to try to improve the handling. Amazing glide but it could lock into s... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Laminar 2013  
Aujourd'hui (6/9/2015) j'essayais ma nouvelle aile : un Z9 LAMINAR de chez ICARO2000
achetée à notre revendeur local AIR CONTROL 06.
J'ai décollé à 16h30 pour attendre des thermiques plus établis et... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Magic 4  
I got a Magic 3 and a Magic 4 Full Race, both as 166 square footer. Incredible gliders for that time, of course in comparison to todays topless gliders incredibly slow also, but easy handling, extreme... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Kiss / Magic Kiss  
I have an almost unused Magic Six at home.
If anybody likes to have them - you can get it for an egg.
Deltaplane  Ace  
I thoroughly enjoyed flying a loaned Ace 160 on several occasions & I reckon it facilitated faster climbing & easier handling than my similarly generous Solarwings Rumour 14.5m.
As I observed on more... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Spectrum  
Amazing old kite. I have a 1991 and a 1992. From someone who flew this thing right out of flight school I can tell you that it is very agile and predictable. I have felt extremely safe in ridge lift. ... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Boomerang Fzr  
Je ne vais pas laisser cet unique commentaire (éfavorable) sur cet appareil.
(Mémoire de 1990 à 1995 !).
Habitant la plaine (Bourges), après 5 ans de pilotage saisonnier dans les Alpes avec La Mou... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Falcon 5  
Hi, please note that the photo of the white glider with blue and red and orange stripes, is not a British Wasp Falcon V, but some other make.
Deltaplane  Shark  
I agree on the shark comments and know Graeme and Warren well.... I remember when Graeme won the hang gliding world championship on one in the controlled surface was a pretty amazing ki... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Asg 21  
I owned and flew an ASG 21.... it was a real hot rod for its time but had a very aggressive stall.
Deltaplane  Super Lancer  
I was one of the test pilots of the lancer 4 and also owned and flew the lancer 4 and 4l for tandem and advertising purposes....such a great machine and so easy and safe to fly. It is a real testimon... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Sun  
This is backwards. Sun is the manufacturer, and Swift is the model.. I remember seeing one around 1978.. Outer 3 fiberglass tip battens were bolted to the leading edge, providing washout for stability... lire la suite
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