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Si vous avez des informations complémentaires (ex : spécificité du pilotage, particularités diverses, photos...) sur le deltaplane Bamboo Bomber fabriqué par Eipper Formance, ajoutez votre commentaire (en bas de page) ou écrivez nous:

Fiche deltaplane : Bamboo Bomber
Nom :
Fabricant :
Eipper Formance
Année :
Niveau de pilotage :
Manuel :
Document(s) :
Modèle :
Surface (m²) :
Envergure(m) :
Allongement :
Poids de l'aile (kg) :
Poids pilote mini (kg) :
Poids pilote maxi (kg) :
Vitesse mini (km/h) :
Vitesse maxi (km/h) :
Finesse maxi (L/H) :
Vitesse à finesse maxi (km/h) :
Taux de chute mini (m/s) :
Longueur pliée (m) :
Longueur mini (m) :
Nombre de lattes :
Angle de nez (°) :



Vous connaissez le nom de cette aile ?


Matèriaux utilisés: Bambou, ficelle, toile de polyéthylène genre "serres-tunnels" pour la culture des légumes...


Je suis novice en la matière... mais il me semblerait que cette aile ressemble à la "Bamboo butterfly" déssinée par un californien, Richard Miller, en 1963. On peut retrouver une photo similaire sur cette page :


Pilot: Dick Eipper
Person on left of photo is Steve Wilson who worked in Eipperformance company later.
The wing is an version of Bat-Glider with changes for sure. Taras Kiceniuk made a Batso version with a change from Bat-Glider (published plans by Jim Foreman....which themselves were developed from photos and notes given Foreman by Richard Miller of Millers's earlier Bamboo Buttfly). Eipper's Penninsula Hang Gliding crew made the bamboo and polyethelene glider to fly off the Torrance Beach sand cliffs in 1971.


On the left is Steve Wilson , flying is none other than Dick Eipper, and giving him a push looks to be Mark Toler. The location is Torrance Beach Ca.


I built one kind of like this in 1972. I used Bamboo, Polyethylene Film, and Scotch Tape (carton strapping tape with fibeglass). I learned how to fly it off Addicks Dam in Houston.


I remember dave cronk as being one of the first pilots at torrance


Hi y' name is Chris Parker and I helped Dick build that glider along with Ken Steinmetz. Steve Wilson was actually a partner in the subsequent company handling more or less the business end of things. Not to take anything away from Dick because he was surly there but I do think that is me flying in that photo. Who was the photographer I'm wondering? I'd like to see more of these photos. This glider was made with bamboo, visquine, and plastic coated clothesline. Year is 1971, summer. Last poster C Muhonen...Cathy's older brother?


Okay, I didn't read carefully enough but I can add some information to this entry. Built in summer 1971 as I said by Dick Eipper, Ken Seinmetz, and Chris Parker out of bamboo, visquine (a heavy polyethelene sheeting) and plastic coated clothes line...materials purchased by Dick. Another freind of ours whose name escapes me now had built one and was flying it off these same sand cliffs. We named ours the "Bamboo Bomber". These sand cliffs were quite close to the water's edge at Torrance Beach in Southern California and the water was our objective although we rarely made it that far. Smaller bodies sometimes did. It had no battens but surely needed them as the trailing edge flapped alot and made quite a noise. We didn't think of it. There were also a few quite spectacular crashes, Steve Wilson, being one of them. I remember him coming up with torn Levis, scrapes and bruises, and a face full of sand. Of course that's why we chose that spot it had all the right characteristics.....soft, or relatively so, landing area and good onshore winds. Steve, by the way, was undaunted by his crash and went on to help found Eipperformance and become quite a good pilot. So, I have to leave this post to return to the page to see what other info I can give you.

[Traduction du commentaire original en Anglais]
Quelques noms du passé. Quand j'ai agrandi la photo, j'ai d'abord pensé que c'était toi Chris. Je m'étais déplacé au nord de Torrance Beach et ai raté ces aventures.


My buddy Brad and I (BC boys) built a hang glider from hand-me-down plans from California. They were apparently plans of a delta wing kite that was used to test gliding capabilities of what would become the space shuttle. Ours was made of aircraft aluminium but sitll a poly sail. we crashed it enough times for Brad to crack his ribs before folding it up and never to be "flown" again. Do any of you know where I could get copies for a similar Delta Wing Kite? Gordon


That was the summer or 69. Thats Dick Eipper as the pilot Mark Tolar as the one at the keel and me Steve Wilson on the left side of the glider . A few months later Dick and I foundand EipperFormance Hang Gliders. . Ayear and a half later we icorperated and brought on Dave Muehl, Mike Hutter Bob Lovejoy and Dave Cronk on as partners. Oh yes it was the Bamboo Bomer we were flying. A very uplifiting experance. Aloha from Maui Steve Wilson

[Traduction du commentaire original en Anglais]
Bonjour à S.W. de Dan et Cheryl. Au plaisir de vous voir à Maui, un jour prochain. Qu'est-il arrivé à Mark Tolar?

[Traduction du commentaire original en Anglais]
Ah les souvenirs, je crois que c'était une couverture tiré de l'un des numéros du magazine Low and Slow.


I was wondering whatever happened to Dick Eipper?


Dick Eipper passed away long ago!


I knew Dick Eipper well during this period, and Steve Wilson in this photo shot on the Torrance Beach Cliffs that was my playground growing up in the mid fiftes. This photo was shot in either 1969 or early 1970. This was the evolution of his design at that time before going to metal and sowed fabric. Dick Eipper got my girlfriend when I left the South Bay in 1971, heard he got busted bringing pot into florida, spent time in jail, and ended up up in Gaberville Humbolt County where I hear he passed at some point in the 90s.

This is second hand, I lost touch with him in 1971.

What a wild and crazy guy with that spark of adventure in his eyes anyone who ever knew him will never forget!


Dick was my younger brother. Since his passing in 1996 he is greatly missed. Although we had different goals in life, we were still the same adventuresome guys. We could never figure out where we got our crazy but wild dreams. Our parents were mild and conservative.
As recent as last week I met a guy who recognized the Eipper name and he said he didn't know Dick but had a picture of himself and his son flying in front of the World Trade Center in NY in two Eipper Aircraft.
Dick was a one of a kind guy. Proud the be his brother.


I met Dick briefly in the early 90's we hung out together for a short while. We lost touch, I knew of his illness but I wasn't sure when he passed. and Yes, I built a bamboo hang glider in the earily '70s therein lies our connection. Dick was a true icon in the Hang Glider movement.